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Filestack File Uploader & File Upload API is a free file manager software that enables you to easily upload any type of file into your app. This handy utility features UI integrations for the uploading and manipulation of files on a developer’s end—making it much easier and faster to deliver content.

As an Application Programming Interface (API), Filestack is a powerful developer service designed to cut down the amount of time and effort in managing files sent to your cloud storage. You can sign up for the free version but it also has free trials for the offered subscription plans.

What is Filestack API?

Filestack File Uploader & File Upload API is a secure file handling service made for developers, allowing them to upload and store large files, transform and manipulate various file types, and deliver them quickly across any PC or mobile device. With a beautiful user interface and over 20 integrated sources, this file manager program for easy content automation while still keeping things safe and secure for you when you’re ready to access uploaded files. 

It has three main areas of focus: uploads, file manipulation, and swift content delivery. As a file uploader, it takes pride in its fast speeds—whether it’s about accessing user content anywhere or displaying feedback content to your app regardless of the device. It also allows your users to edit their files with ease, usually for image files wherein they can crop, add effects, and use other tools before uploading them to your app. Lastly, you and your users can check these files and they’ll respond quickly and efficiently.

Is Filestack secure?

For a closer look at these points, Filestack File Uploader & File Upload API boasts that its uploads are a hundred times more reliable thanks to its Content Ingestion Network (CIN)—especially with mobile uploads. This covers the API integration updates via its software development kits (SDKs), asynchronous uploads from Filestack’s storage to your own storage location, and file links being instantly available. Aside from user-end image editing, the service also allows for URL-based transformations, letting you apply changes to files right on the network.

It even allows file type conversion, whether for documents, audio, or video. Its content delivery, on the other hand, has another main point of interest: security. The software filters content and has virus detection capabilities, as well as copyright and object detection—and this comes with its Filestack Workflow feature, too. Additionally, its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) SDK allows for data auto-capture and digitizing of documents. 

Filestack has a free version that requires signing up—only offering monthly 500 uploads, 1,000 file alterations, and 1GB of Filestack storage, among others. Its three monthly subscription plans, however, offer more. The Start plan has 20GB of storage and extra features like integrations to Microsoft Azure and Dropbox. The Grow plan has up to 150GB of storage and has mentioned features like file conversions. 

Meanwhile, the Scale plan has 350GB worth of storage and all available tools. You can even build a custom plan and avail an enterprise-sized subscription. However, these pricing plans can get costlier than the service’s competitors due to the limitations of the monthly uploads and file transformations and how they’re counted. The limit refreshes after 30 days but websites with high traffic can get billed much more than most.

A great companion for developers

All in all, Filestack File Uploader & File Upload API is a great file handling developer service to have if you’re looking for an easy-to-use interface and lots of tools at your disposal. While it offers higher prices compared to its competitors, its quick and easy but safe content delivery is not easy to beat and the user interface’s numerous integrations make for a desirable file manager to avail.

Filestack offers a simple but powerful file uploader along with the capability to easily transform and manipulate your files.

Filestack is the optimal file handling service for developers. Easily upload files into your app 3.6x faster with 100x more reliability. These file uploads can then be transformed simply between file types, without loss of quality. Filestack provides responsive, reliable, and secure delivery so that your files are delivered with unparalleled speed and control. Simplify complex tasks using Filestack Workflows, an easy-to-manage UI that lets you automate file processing commands into a single API call. Add intelligence to your workflow so your content is tagged, safe for work, and virus free before it ever hits your app. We’ve coded in the logic so that you don’t have to. Implement all of this with just a few lines of code.


  • Has a free version and free trials for its premium plans
  • Fast uploads
  • Lets you and your users edit files
  • Can detection viruses and copyrights


  • Has higher prices compared to some competitors

Program available in other languages

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